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About us

The idea of establishing of our jewelry shop came purely by chance. One day our family left our hometown and lucrative jobs for traveling and discovering the world. We are: Julia, it’s me—the idea initiator, designer, photographer, and customer service manager; Alex, my husband —photographer, technical support, and mailman; Victoria, our daughter teenager; and our small dog named Ash. We set off to southeast Asia to live on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, where modern civilization has not been reached in full. There I felt strongly about how nature affects me living side by side with it. I became more sensitive, more tolerant, and more grateful.

On the island the most amazing things began to happen to us. Yoga, meditation, and other practices entered our lives. I got acquainted with the Spirit of the Plant. I met people who taught me a lot. I first learned about what healing and sacred adornments are when my first seed necklace was presented to me for my birthday. This is how my jewelry addiction began. Then the semiprecious and precious stones, wood, silver, and other natural materials joined the seeds. Each bead carries in itself the history and energy of all the people and places where it has been before. That’s why I feel a great responsibility making my pieces and try to put a lot of good and positive intentions into the finished product. I always thank every seed and every stone for bringing joy and care to the one who will wear them. 

It's been a while since then. The Taipa brand grew up and got grateful customers from all over the world. In 2017 on the island of the Gods - in Bali, Indonesia, a new person came to the family - our son Mikhey. And now the five of us travel the world and continue to do what we love so much. It's really great knowing that this is only the beginning of interesting discoveries.



Our journey continues!

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