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Mala care tips


  • As with any fine jewelry, take care and remove your pieces before showering/bathing, swimming, exercising, or any use beyond light activity to preserve the life of your jewelry.
  • Avoid contact between the jewelry and hairspray, perfume, and any type of body lotion or hand cream. 
  • Don’t use any essential oils. You don't know if they have chemicals, but they might damage your beads. 
  • Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight and contact with water.  
  • Treat gemstone malas with care as the bead or string can crack or break with force. 
  • Gemstone mala beads can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

For the tassel malas, we use fine silk threads so they are very delicate. Hang your necklace with the tassel facing down when not in use to avoid its bending. If, however, it was messed up, hold the tassel over boiling water. Please don’t burn your hands. Steam straightens the fibers and makes your necklace looks awesome again. You can also use a spray bottle with clean water, then very carefully brush the tassel and hang it up to dry at room temperature.


We smudge each mala with sage or palo santo to cleanse the energy before shipping them out. But you can do it yourself from time to time.

Once you receive your mala, we recommend you charge it to your personal intentions during the first meditations. You can also charge and purify your necklace by leaving it under the full moon's rays throughout the night. If you have some crystals at home, store your mala with them. They can share their good energy.



Please treat your mala beads with love and care, and we are sure it will serve you for years.

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